Alexis Bledel Hot Sex Scene

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Nude Alexis Bledel dildoing her pussy looks great, but that pussy deserves fucking with a real cock! In this fake, you may see Alexis Bledel having sex with a man at last. After all, horny girls are likely to end up with having a fuck in front of the camera, and Mr X-ODOX only helps Alexis realize her secret desires. Ours too.

alexis bledel sex scene 215x300 Alexis Bledel Hot Sex Scene

Just the way they do it

Alexis Bledel Yovo Fakes Dildoing

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Now it’s time to see sweet Alexis in action. What a face! What a gaze! Those eyes can really penetrate your heart… like that dildo penetrates fake Alexis Bledel’s pussy! A stunning YOVO fake. (Black stockings included).

alexis bledel yovo dildo fake 205x300 Alexis Bledel Yovo Fakes Dildoing

Alexis Bledel plays the dildo


Babe In The Wood

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We are happy to add one more lovely Alexis Bledel fake to our collection. Altough posing stark naked, Alexis looks so innocent and naive there among the trees that the only description proper for the occasion seems to be “babe in the wood”. A sort of northern variation of Eve in Eden (for a southern one, you may refer to Shakira).

alexis bledel babe in the wood 199x300 Babe In The Wood

Alexis looking like Eve

Fake Alexis Bledel Squats Naked

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An amazing Alexis Bledel fake which represents her in the squatting position, all naked. When a girl squats, it looks really exciting, even when she is dressed. If she has a dress on, she is just unable to keep her crotch hidden from our curious eyes. If she wears trousers, her butt assumes especially tempting looks. And if she is absolutely nude, we get a breathtaking opportunity of examining any part of her body, including her exposed pussy. By the way, why should Alexis be squatting like that in front of us? Is she going to have a piss? A crazy Ninja Stiancri fake!

alexis bledel squats naked 199x300 Fake Alexis Bledel Squats Naked


You may also take a look at fake nude Cameron Diaz squatting (unlike bare-footed Alexis, she has a pair of high-heeled shoes on), and extremely sexy Alyssa Milano posing outdoors (lightly dressed).

Alexis Plays With Herself In Car

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But Alexis can look different. Very different. And her innocent eyes are able to turn so lewd that we can hardly believe that she is the same shy and modest girl who knows nothing of porn. In this car & fishnet fake, Alexis Bledel turns out a born cock-thirsty seductress, encouraging the audience to play with her pussy like she plays with it herself.

alexis bledel plays with herself in car 300x199 Alexis Plays With Herself In Car

And a rival to her, Paris Hilton showing off her nude pussy on the rear seat of a car.

Nude Alexis Bledel Sitting On Bath

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Bathroom is a common background featuring a naked girl, e.g. Megan Fox and her bath towel. A girl does not have to be an adult movie star, even an amateur, to appear nude before us. It is only a private pic taken by a boyfriend. Alexis has just got out of hot water, and now she is sitting on the brim of the bath, wet and languish, and so innocent.

alexis bledel sitting on bath2 219x300 Nude Alexis Bledel Sitting On Bath

A touching Alexis Bledel fake presented by Merlin.


Her Naked Promise

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Will Alexis ever promise you anything? Can she actually undertake to follow any of your instructions? She would rather prefer to stay free of any obligations. And if she comes out naked, it is only because she feels like walking around in the nude for a while. No one knows what she will do next, either take off the rest of her clothes or get dressed and leave. But wait. Bledel’s beauty is so striking that it would be a crime to hide it from her admirers’ eyes! Today’s fake features Alexis Bledel in the semi nude, although wearing no bra in order to show off her amazing tits.

alexis bledel naked promise 204x300 Her Naked Promise

Hello world!

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Welcome to Alexis Bledel Hot Parody Pics weblog! Here, one of the most beautiful celebrity girls appears as much exposed as you may only dream of, sometimes just posing in the nude, sometimes getting so horny that only professional porn stars can equal her. And all of it is only possible due to modern digital techniques!